OneDrive for Business Next Gen Sync Client - My troubleshooting experience

Microsoft has released the Next Gen Sync Client for OneDrive for Business (the "OneDrive.exe" to replace the "groove.exe" client). So I decided to give it a try and to follow the article to do the transition :
The new client is in fact the same client as the one used by Windows 10 to sync the "Personnal" OneDrive.

Basically the transition consist to unsync the old groove.exe client, unlock a menu in the OneDrive.exe client with registery editing, connect with a company account (O365) and voilà.

I have run thru the guide and got stuck at the step where I had to connect with my company account by clicking the "Add Business account" button on this menu (sorry my screenshots are in french):
Then I got to the famous login page:

Logged in with my company account (lets call it, was redirected to our federated authentication page then finished loggin. The wizard would spin for a second and immediately throw this error:
"There was a problem connecting to OneDrive. Check your Internet connection and then try again."

No matter what I try I didn't manage to pass this step.
I decided to try with an other account "" and it worked!
So I deduced it was something related to my account.

This is how I fixed my problem.
A reminded having a problem with my Office365 account by the past that required manually deleting my account from Azure AD and resync it from our onpremises AD.
Consequence was that it created a new OneDrive for my account appending a "1" at the end of the URL:

After the 30 grâce period the first OneDrive was automatically deleted and I ended using the OneDrive with the "1".

I decided to switch back to the previous URL by going to the SharePoint profiles admin page And search for my profile and edit it:

NOTE: before changing the setting I did a backup of my OneDrive files as I'll have to add them in the new OneDrive that will be created.

On this page I removed the "1" if the URL of my personal site then saved the changes:

From here I navigated with the menu to my OneDrive, I got redirected to the new URL (without the "1") and proceeded initializing this freshly created OneDrive site.
Once it was all done I tried to add my company account to the new OneDrive client and succeeded :) I think the new client does not support yet connecting to a OneDrive site if it's not using the default URL.

Additional info:
This was done on the 27/02/2016 with an Office365 E3 plan.
OneDrive Client Build was 17.3.6301.0127 on Windows 10 Pro 1511 (10586.104).