SharePoint 2013 slow page request (over 6 seconds)

After applying the October 2013 Cumulative Update on a production farm users started to complain about slow page loads. The farm is composed of 2 front ends, 1 search and the SQL.
After further investigating it appeared that all page request had a >6 second "lag" before loading.

The problem was due to the Distributed Cache service timeout that is set to 6000m. Something must of gone wrong while applying the CU that broke the Distributed Cache configuration.

The solution was delete the distributed cache service then rebuild it.
These links where very helpful: (in french)


Evgueni said…
Thanks for your post. We ran into the same exact issue and ended up rebuilding the Distribute Cache - which fixed the issue.

I also ended up changing the memory allocation to something much larger then it was set to after the rebuild (from 819MB to 7000MB for the 16GB or RAM) as per MS recommendation.
Djavan ROA said…
Hi Evgueni, according to MS documentation the cache size should only be increased if you have a dedicated Distributed Cache server in your farm or if you have just added RAM to all servers running the Distributed Cache service.
If this is not the case you should leave the value to 10% of your physical RAM (this is the size set by the system when you create the Distributed Cache service).