XSD error while adding a user to a SharePoint 2010 group

Got the following Runtime Unexpected in the ULS while trying to add a user to a SharePoint Group:
System.InvalidOperationException: Namespace prefix 'xsd' is not defined.   
 at System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializationReader.ToXmlQualifiedName(String value, Boolean decodeName)    
 at Microsoft.Xml.Serialization.GeneratedAssembly.XmlSerializationReaderDictionaryEntryArray.Read1_Object(Boolean isNullable, Boolean checkType)    
 at Microsoft.Xml.Serialization.GeneratedAssembly.XmlSerializationReaderDictionaryEntryArray.Read2_DictionaryEntry(Boolean checkType)    
 at Microsoft.Xml.Serialization.GeneratedAssembly.XmlSerializationReaderDictionaryEntryArray.Read3_ArrayOfDictionaryEntry()

Turned out that it was a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 10. Switching to IE8 engine solved the problem.


Anonymous said…
Please help me out i am also facing the same issue in IE10
Anonymous said…
I am facing same problem in IE10 and i don't want to change the comparability mode so please suggest alternative solution.