Usefull URLs

Here is a list of useful URLs that you can type in your site to go faster (if you're too lazy to click and wait between page loads like me) or if you removed the links from your page. Just replace the end of the URL with:

Site settings:
[site url]/_layouts/settings.aspx

Edit site permissions:
[site url]/_layouts/user.aspx

View all site content:
[site url]/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx

MOSS - Open site manager (this will works even if MOSS features arn't activated):
[site url]/_layouts/sitemanager.aspx

User profile:
Current user's profile:
[site url]/_layouts/userdisp.aspx

Current user's alerts
[site url]/_layouts/mysubs.aspx

Page edition:
Edit page (example for default.aspx):
[site url]/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Design

Manage WebParts on the page (example for default.aspx):
[site url]/default.aspx?Contents=1

Add a new WebPart on the page (example for default.aspx):
[site url]/default.aspx?ToolPaneView=2

Import a WebPart on the page (example for default.aspx):
[site url]/default.aspx?ToolPaneView=5

MOSS - Switch to edit view of a publishing page (example for default.aspx):
[site url]/Pages/default.aspx?ControlMode=Edit

MOSS - Direct access to the /Pages/ document library (or any other library):
[site url]/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx


Anonymous said…
Salut Djavan,

Thanks a lot, really usefull.